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Cursor Mania offers over 7,500 free cursors, organized into over a dozen categories and countless sub-categories. Below, you will find links to more information and image samples for each of our most popular categories:

Once you download Cursor Mania, you will be able to access over 7,500 cursors directly from your browser window:


Click the Cursor Mania button on your browser window.
Browse cursors by clicking category links in your Cursor Mania window's left column.
Click on the cursor image you wish to enjoy. That's it!
(You can return to your computer's standard cursor at any time by clicking the "Default cursor" button at the top of the Cursor Mania window.)
Download Free Cursors!
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Animated cursors and other fun downloads at Animal cursors and more downloads at
Animated Cursors Animal Smileys
Anime cursors and other downloads - only at Fun and fantasy cursors only at
Anime Cursors Fantasy Cursors
Food cursors are available at Humor and funny cursors for free at
Food Cursors Funny Cursors
Download love cursors for free at  Lefty cursors and other fun downloads at
Love Cursors Lefty Cursors
Pointers and other cursor downloads at Find smiley cursors at
Pointer Cursors Smiley Cursors
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